Hello, my name is Christine Beadnell, I am the owner and photographer of Shutter Tree Photography located in East Canton, Ohio. My love of photography started when my son was born. I wanted to capture every moment of his childhood and as he grew so did my love of photography. For 13 years I was a stay at home mom while perfecting my photography skills. Once my son was a teenager, I decided it was a good time to finally start my business. In 2015 Shutter Tree Photography was created and in 2016 I opened my Etsy store ShutterTreePhotos so I could share my photographs for others to enjoy as much as I have enjoyed creating them! In 2020, I made my own website.
Since opening my shop, my work has been displayed on the set of ESPN The Jump, sold at retail stores- Hobby Lobby and Kirkland’s, and displayed in homes of famous bloggers and home decor accounts on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram @shuttertreephotos to see new photos as they are available.
I love photographing everything, but my favorite is cows and horses. Living in Ohio, I have plenty of beautiful farm land to photograph. But I love to travel and am always looking for the beauty where ever I go.